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Connectionn is a community interest oriented Social Networking site with micro and macro views of content, subjects, issues and network.This site is user driven and democratically enables for reports, opinions,facts and other varied community content postings. connectionn is different from Facebook,Linked In,Google+,Pinterest or any other site on the web.

As the name implies,this platform is intended to connect the world and its various interests as grouped by communities.  Users can find and connect within the community of their choice or across any other community. We are open to establishing additional communities in the future as the demand for such communities increases.

connectionn is intended to inform through collaboration; voice your views through your contribution;obtain answers through your questions and requests; and find and connect with people within and outside of your community … anywhere in the world.

Because you have chosen a community, at Login, you will be greeted by the latest updates such as community News, Stories, Food etc.  You will easily feel that you are at home to view and add content … to your community or the world at large. Most importantly, connectionn enables all community members to feel  as if you are together … even if you are thousands of miles apart.connectionn brings like minded people together to find, present and participate in all of the important matters … in the life of members and their choice of community.

connectionn allows the user to visit and explore any other community on the site which may be of  interest to the user … and it even allows the user to change his/her community by simply updating his/her profile.

connectionn is the answer social networking has been waiting for.http://www.conneccion.com/userfiles/conneccion-1(1).png

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